Wednesday, December 29, 2010

shrimp arrabbiata

best part about this dish?
it's good for you. seriously. came from a weight watchers cook book.

second best part about this dish?
it's easy. you know how i feel about easy.

it's great because i used leftovers to make it. i had shrimp for christmas eve dinner, and of course it only comes in a massive frozen bag. so when i am tired of shrimp cocktail, i wanted to make something different. here it is!
as always, i'm giving you my version, not the cookbook version.



all you do is cook the shrimp (if it's not already cooked). remove it from the pan, and in the same pan, put some garlic paste. about three teaspoons. add to that a can of crushed tomatoes and a teaspoon of tomato paste. also, spices. whatever you want, but i added red pepper flakes (a good amount), italian seasoning, garlic salt, fresh ground pepper, and basil. fresh herbs would be best for at least the basil, but i'm a working woman, and don't have time to grow my own or money to buy my own.

when it's nice and heated through, and has started to simmer, add the cooked shrimp just to warm it up. don't cook it anymore or the shrimp will get tough.

add to some whole wheat pasta for a delicious and healthy meal in a jiffy!


i also served with steam-in-bag frozen veggies (yay, easy!) and some breadsticks i picked up that afternoon. would have gone great with a glass of red wine, but we're trying to get rid of all of our milk.


LeLe said...

That looks super easy and tasty. Something even I can do. Do you have a favorite brand of whole wheat pasta? I've tried several and they are either too bitter or they fall apart on me. Suggestions, o wise one?

LeLe said...

I came back to get the recipe for this and you didn't include ANY amounts. I have no idea how much shrimp to buy and do I put in a whole can of crushed tomatoes? And how much garlic paste? See? This is why I don't like "oh, just throw some stuff in a pan" kinda cooking...

LeLe said...

Redact that. I see your measurements on everything but the shrimp. Ugh, it's been a long week.