Thursday, September 30, 2010

p-p-p-pot roast.

i wouldn't normally relate my pot roast, or any meal for that matter to bob marley (or ub40. ...know where i am heading with this?) but after the ever so important better hurry up and taste this before someone else has to eat it taste test, i couldn't get the darn song out of my head.

red red wi-yi-yiiiiiiiiinne stay close to meee-he...

(insert island accent)
red red wine you give me whole heap of zing
whole heap of zing mek me do me own thing..

why? because this morning i added 1/2 c of what was left in a bottle of (menage a trois -try it, i PROMISE you'll love it. ten bucks.) red wine to my roast. THAT, my friends, turned out to be a great 6:00am decision. probably one of my finest to date.  the roast took on such a full flavor; and just enough of a hint of the sweetness and roundness came through in the broth and vegetables. i also added a can of french onion soup. i will use this instead of lipton onion soup mix from now on as it isn't as weird and salty.

this was a great, easy and cheap recipe to slowly integrate crocky into the mix for fall and winter meals.

and i share:

2-4 lbs chuck roast (i chose closer to 4 and decided to pull an erin and freeze the leftovers)
10 potatoes (i like yukon golds for this- quartered)
carrots, sliced. (or, cheat like me and buy sale baby carrots. score!)
4 ish stalks celery, sliced
1 or 2 medium onions sliced

chopped garlic
worsh sauce
beef broth (1 can or so)
french onion soup (1 can)
1/2 c red wine

and for seasonings, i use the miracle blend 

if you're like me, 6am doesn't come easy. so, i prepped my veggies last night.

this morning, while my tea kettle did it's thing, i seasoned the meat, tossed it in the crock pot. stuffed the veggies on, over and around the meat. i added the garlic and the liquids and sprinkled a bit more seasoning over the top. i set crocky to low for 10 hours and let her go.

thanks to last night's prep, it was all done before my water was boiled.

i have to say, i was delighted with how it turned out. had i felt more zealous, i would have made some gravy. or yorkshire pudding. but, i didn't. the kardashians putting neuticles in their dog was WAY more interesting.

until next time....

oh, and next time is *lobster tails*.          

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Erin said...

seriously? neuticles? i wish i'd seen that.