Friday, October 1, 2010

october's meal plan

i warned you that i'm the planner. you had no idea what you were getting into, did you?

here's my meal plan. for an ENTIRE MONTH (insert scary music here).

it was actually pretty easy. fo' shizz. i just made a list of meals that came to my head, and then plugged them into the calendar. and because i'm the planner, i even list what needs to be done to prep for the following day's meal. see, it's not just for my benefit this way. it's so that husband can prep for me. i'll post this on the fridge-- which means HE can prep for the following day. heck, if i'm busy with school or my second job, he can even cook dinner that night.

(the horror)

but seriously, he's a good cook. i admit, i plan my "easiest" meals on tuesdays and thursdays, but it's because i want to cook the fun stuff myself :-)


Christopher said...

Like button!! You're so cute hun. :)

LeLe said...

Yay!!! First follower! But only because I bet Chris doesn't know how to "follow" peeps. Hardy-har.

Erin said...

haha, so true, leann.