Monday, November 8, 2010

amazing roasted chicken

this is one of my favorite fall-back meals. super easy, very moist, and impressive for guests on a sunday evening.

oh, it's cheap, too.

so, here's all you do.

buy a chicken. you can get the fryer or roaster kind. it does not matter one bit. plus, it's like, less than $5.
open it. clean out the inside (they sometimes keep the, um, organs? in there). rinse it. drain it.
separate the skin from the breasts, carefully. add a few thin pats of butter between the meat and the skin.
tie up the legs if they are spread too far. aka, if your chicken is a floozy. joke. but seriously, tie those babies up.
cut into big bit-size pieces some onion, carrots, potatoes. celery if you want. add that all to the space around the chicken.
sprinkle the whole thing with seasoning. whatever kind you want. i think i used a sort of parmesan herb seasoning? use anything.

put in a 400 oven for an hour. maybe an hour and a half. depends on the size of your bird.
sorry i don't have an "after" photo.

it's done when you poke the breast with a toothpick and clear juice runs out.
more specific? stick a thermometer in the thickest part of the breast and if it says the temp is good for chicken, it's cooked through. i don't know the temp. my meat thermometer says that on the holder.


LeLe said...

Is this what you made when MK and I came for the wedding? It was TASTY. I need to do this.

Kyrstin S. said...

This looks like it will be so good! YUM! Printing this one, too...