Monday, November 1, 2010

not your momma's pork and beans

i haven't made my menu for november yet. shame on me. i promise to work on that this weekend.

related, i have a bunch of food leftover from my plans for october. because, you know, life happens. so we eat leftovers one day. or we forget to add a veggie to the spaghetti. yeah. so i have enough food for the first week in november and won't have to go grocery shopping until NEXT weekend! yay!

but, as i'm making things, i'm kind of out of plans. and i still need to account for my late nights at class, and that i'm trying to prepare something for husband. AND that it's totally crock pot season and i haven't used mine enough yet.

so i foraged through my cupboards and freezer, and came up with my own pork and beans. i was extremely nervous, but it turned out so good.

here's what you do:

cut up a large onion. put it in the crock. add other things. whatever you want. i added kidney beans and corn and a bit of leftover black beans. this would have been delish with some rotel though, now that i think of it. add it all to the crock.

top with pork chops. i used bone-in, and next time i'd use boneless (because they were so tender that they fell apart. awesome).

then i topped with homemade cream of celery soup. i would use cream of mushroom, but i didn't have it. some worcestershire sauce, some seasonings (basil, garlic, salt, pepper in mine), and that's it. cook on low for 8 hours.

it was so good. i love when i just throw things together and they turn out delicious.

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Anonymous said...

It looks yummy! The crock pot saves me on swim team nights!