Sunday, January 8, 2012

menu plan, week of january 9

well, scroll down and look at last week. yeah. notice that there's no posts between here and there? it's because, well, life happens. and i forget about an event on tuesday. and one on thursday. and one on saturday. so the good news is that i froze most of the meats and have food for another week! so, there's a bunch of repeats this week. but i'm pretty sure i have the events planned for, and we'll have quick meals on those days. here goes:

monday: chicken and rice with corn and sun-dried tomatoes
tuesday: chris out. leftovers
wednesday: elder led. quick dinner. pita pizzas
thursday: two bean chili with butternut squash
friday: leftovers
saturday: home group. dinner at the bells.
sunday: black beans and kielbasa served over rice

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