Thursday, June 9, 2011

healthy pizzas

i made two AWESOME pizzas last night.

and they're pretty healthy, too!

pizza #1:

whole wheat crust (boboli, not homemade)
light alfredo sauce
sliced zucchini
fresh mushrooms
roasted chicken
small amounts of mozzarella, romano cheeses
sprinkle bacon crumbles

pizza #2:

crust brushed with garlic olive oil
medium-rare steak
red and green peppers
fresh tomatoes
feta cheese

the hardest part of the night? picking a favorite! i thought the steak would be my fave, but they were both so amazing.


Kyrstin said...

Mmmmmmm! I might try the chicken one. Or steak. But not so many peppers. Maybe substitute in onions or something! We've been looking at more healthy pizzas too. :D Thanks for the ideas!

Alida said...