Sunday, October 17, 2010

dicing a tomato- sans gooey, messy seeds. yes, it's possible!

this is the COOLEST trick i have ever learned. as much as i cook, i am still a pretty novice slicer/dicer. i was reminded of it everytime i tried to dice a tomato. i was so messy about it, i even tried to use my handy dandy slicer dicer from williams sonoma (LOVE that thing) and that was even worse:
slicer-dicer. GREAT for peppers, onions, fruit, etc

slicer-dicer NOT great for tomatoes. especially whole ones.

so, imagine my joy when i learned this:

Step 1: get supplies: small knife, cutting board and tomato
Step 2: i like to cut the top off to see how far in i can cut without exploding the seed ball. you dont have to necessarily.
Step 3: use the knife and begin 'peeling' the skin off the tomato. like you would an apple. you can see where the skin hits the 'seed ball' try not to puncture the seed ball.

keep on peelin!

Step 5: peel all the way around the tomato- you will end up with a few different 'petals' for lack of a better description. (see next picture)
see the 'petals'? the thing in the middle is the ball of seeds. nicely contained, way less mess!

Step 6: throw away the seed ball, use a larger knife and dice up the petals!
VOILA! perfectly diced tomato, and WAY LESS MESS!

again, another life changer by erica. :)


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