Tuesday, October 5, 2010


last night, i made one of my comfort foods.
husband and i both took the day off because we weren't feeling great.
sidenote: i'm still feeling ucky, but have a busy day. phooey.
so i made a really easy meal that makes a TON of food. so if there's some days this week that we don't have enough leftovers for lunch the next day, there's plenty of haluski left.

what's haluski?

lemme tell you something-- don't google it. as much as i heart google (seriously. i'd have google's lovechild in a split second), he's wrong about this. there's apparently 47 different ways to make haluski if you ask him.
there's only one way. mom's way.

so, i made my comfort food. it happens to be one of husband's favorites, too-- which is surprising because it's a fairly bland meal and he doesn't like bland as much.

without making you wait any longer, here's the recipe:
cook bowtie pasta. a whole box. or bag. however you buy it.
chop and cook a whole onion.don't brown it. just soften it.
chop (in big pieces) an entire head of cabbage. it's easy. and it's not science.
add the cabbage to the big pot with onions, and some salt and pepper. put the lid on it so it can sort of steam itself.

cook the cabbage down. it gets down to about half this size.
when the cabbage is cooked down (i dunno, 30 minutes?), add the noodles.
also chop up kielbasa. we used turkey kielbasa. i didn't look at the packaging, but it is bound to be a little healthier, right? plus, it tasted just like regular kielbasa.
stir it all together, and that's it~ no sauce or anything. it's a very light meal, considering. plus with my nice nonstick pan, i didn't use but just a sprinkling of oil with the onions. that's it.

last night, we served it with delicious steamed broccoli. i heart steamed broccoli.


erica said...

i enjoyed your haluski today. thanks for sharing:)

Sandi said...

This is not comfort food unless it is made the way your grandmother always made it....with lots of butter. Not healthy, but yum