Monday, October 11, 2010

my newest kitchen appliance

i feel like i've reached a new level of kitchening. seriously.

i cannot tell you how extremely jealous i am WAS of these people who do not need to cream butter and sugar together by hand. these people who do not need to knead their bread by hand. because they have...

a kitchenaid mixer.

i'd been talking with chris about getting one for a while. honest, i was hoping to get one for my birthday in january, but that would mean i'd go through yet another holiday season without one. i kept telling him it would be good for my RA, and that i would make all sorts of goodies for him if i had one...

well, i got one.

we found a killer sale at target, and by "we", i mean erica. obviously.

ps erica, many thanks for the text and for you driving to target again to get it for us.

anyways, it's red. and it's beautiful. and it fits perfectly. and matches my kitchen. and immediately after we unpacked it and cleaned it, i used it last night. i know i just made instant vanilla pudding, but i just *had* to use it!

i'm in love.

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Randi Lynne said...

I have the 600 professional and I LOVE IT! What a great investment!