Saturday, October 2, 2010

Drumroll please..............

i did it. i pulled an erin. following is my dinner menu de octobre.

(my printer therefore my scanner decided to malfunc, so you get a screenshot. kinda ghetto, i know. I will repost after fixing, promise. you may have to click on the image, then zoom for noowwww.)
DISCLAIMER: i reserve the right to switch, swap, omit, repeat, negate or ruin any of the listed meals.

i try to incorporate different meat/protein every day. i also try to include a veggie- but this depends on the produce selection at grocery time. or if i get to the farmers market.

i have decided to stick to my weekly grocery shopping for now (to be posted later). Babysteps. also, as i mentioned before- i haven't mastered the art of freezing....yet. most of my leftovers feed two lunches the next day. but, i'm willing to switch it up. not freezing makes for what seems like A LOT of work for dinner. but my meals are always fresh. i can only pull this off because i am unmarried and without child. i consider this my hobby- so if it's a super fancy meal, it consumes dinnertime AND hobby time.

most of these meals seem not super easy and time consuming. 85% of them aren't that bad. i pinky swear. as you can see, i plan on some grilling through the month, but am integrating the crockpot back in. both of which are hardly time consuming and easy clean up, which leads me to my next point:

i leave the clean up for he who gets such fancy meals during the week (you know who you are). if you are going to be making such tasty meals, i recommend you do the same. it's proven to be an excellent agreement, especially since the aforementioned 'he' doesn't really cook, unless you count brats, burgers and grilled chicken. in that order, every week.....yeah, no. but he is a really great cleaner-upper. especially since i am *THEE* messiest human on the face of the planet.


oh, oh! OR as my friend jessica says:

chow. (perfect)


Erin said...

i CANNOT WAIT to see some of these recipes.

Erin said...

oh, and i'm super proud of your planning :-)