Friday, October 15, 2010

october's menu. revisited.

it is mid-month, and last night i took the time to catch my ideal menu for october up to my real life menu for october. i said in my disclaimer when i posted my initial month's menu, that i held the right to negate, switch or change any meals.. because i usually do. and, i did. i now have two chicken meals in one week, and two turkey burger meals in the next. ideal? nope. but, when is real life ideal?


if october keeps on keeping on like this (stress, work, boyfriend surpising me with dinners out (yay), pure laziness, etc) - there is a large possibility that you will seem some of these meals trickle on over to november. (yesssssssssss.)

and now, for your reading pleasure:

initial dreamland menu
(click to view larger)

new real life menu
(click to view larger)

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