Saturday, October 2, 2010

grocery-- what?

i went grocery shopping today.
woke up at 7 am (but that's another story... for my other blog), got ready at 8, left the house by 10 til 9.


(insert singing angels here)

i heart aldi. but if you haven't been before, you must prepare. bring your own bags. bring a quarter for a cart (you get the quarter back when you return your cart). don't expect to see brand-name groceries. expect to save money. my grocery budget for the month is $350. after a trip to aldi, i'd spent $116.

i'd also purchased 85% of my food for the month.



after that, we went to walmart to finish the shopping, and spent an additional $43 on food. so, for about $160, i'm almost done with my grocery shopping for the month.
remember my calendar from last time? i bought something for most every day. which means i have:

and that's not all of it!

  • two large beef briskets
  • 9 boneless skinless chicken breasts
  • 24 assorted chicken pieces (drumsticks and thighs)
  • kielbasa
  • pepperoni
  • 6 lbs ground turkey
  • 6 pork chops
  • 4 filet of tilapia
  • whole roasting chicken
  • plus all the cheese, sides, and veggies (except for fresh veggies for the second half of the month)

so i'll go out again. i still need fresh pizza crusts, and carrots, and another onion... but for the amount i have left to buy, i could spend an additional $20 for the rest of the month.

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LeLe said...

How are their prices so low? We don't have the luxury of Aldi here...bummer.